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Check out the list of some of the finest vintage floor lamps below:

Gotham Floor Lamp

Resin and steel construction along with glass

Vintage bronze finishing

Pull chain switches

12-foot cord lengths

2 sockets of medium base rated 100 watts each

Dash of Deco classic mission defines uniqueness of this floor lamp. Iridescent art glass with shades of amber along with turquoise forms striking sunburst pattern. Its set in framework iron finished in vintage bronze and satiny which provides a stunning effect.

Vintage Floor Lamps

Belle Fleur Floor Lamp

Pull chain switches along with 12 foot cords.

Medium base sockets rated 100 watt.

Bronze finishing with resin, steel and construction of glass.

Belle Fleur incites the sensibility of victories era through its craftwork. It is a handcrafted art glass which expresses captivating jewel tones and carries a bronze finishing with perfection.

Larissa Floor Lamp

Consists of 2 medium base sockets which are of 100 watts each.

12 foot cords with steel, glass and resin constructions.

Vintage bronze finishing completes the body work.

Soft light along with harmonious design of Victorian time forms the interior of vintage floor lamps. The various shades of pastel, jewels and 426 art glass are accented with class. Dimensionally it is 62 tall, 18 wide and 18 in diameter.

Vintage Floor Lamps

Stephen Floor Lamp

With 12-foot cord and 2 medium sockets of 100 watts each.

Resin, glass and steel construction with a vintage bronze finishing.

It’s bold and geometric with a distinctive design that puts customers in the nostalgia of Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie glasses. It is roughly based in late 20th century theme. It comprises of classic Arts and craft pieces along with handcrafted art glasses which provides bisque, earthy green and amber shades. Dimensionally it is 59 1/2 tall, 18 wide and 18 in diameters. It consists of 2 medium base bulbs of 100 watts.

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