Selection of fabrics of curtains

Choices of curtains depend on a great extent of your own preferences and tastes, and in the many factors of buying products, texture of the curtains is critical, many people put low shrinkage, color fastness, tightly woven fabric and high in quality as the first choice. Although the curtains will cost much money, quality and decorative effect of the products are better than inferior fabrics.

When choosing fabrics of curtains, you should firstly consider the function of rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens should choose practical curtains which are easy to wash, and styles of the curtains should be simple and smooth.

Your living room and restaurant should choose curtains that can prevent the privacy of your life from affecting by the light and noise outside; translucent curtains or curtains with bright colors can be used in your study well, so you will feel relaxed and they can help to improve the efficiency of you learning.

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Choices of fabrics should also consider seasonal factors. You can choose soft yarn or silk in summer because they are breathable and cool; thick wool curtains can be used in winter because they are warm; floral curtains can be used in all seasons, but especially in spring.

In addition, choice of curtains also depends on the demand for light rooms, you can choose chiffon or thin cotton curtains if your rooms are full of light. However, if your room do not have high requirements of light, you can choose cotton or linen curtains. (

Different textures of curtains have different effects: velvet, satin, jacquard, lace can give people elegant, magnificent feeling; plaid, corduroy, striped curtains can create a cozy and comfortable style. Curtains fabric should not be too smooth and shiny, because this fabric is easy to reflect light and can be eyesores. (

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